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PUYALLUP, WA 98373-3629
(253) 770-9686

First off, let me say that it was a welcome surprise to see that not just one Jiffy Lube location exceeded my expectations, but both of my local Jiffy Lube locations had exceeded my expectations. This morning I had the pleasure of pulling into your S. Hill Puyallup location after my Low Oil warning light popped on. I informed them that, although I ALWAYS go to the Edgewood Jiffy Lube, I had the tire dealer change my oil out of convenience when I recently had a tire replaced. Your staff was courteous, polite, funny at times, always serious about my needs, and generous. Even though I was clearly outside the top off policy, they added the necessary oil to my vehicle.... with a smile. This is all after I had enjoyed being loyal to the Edgewood Jiffy Lube for the past few years. The manager and staff there have been excellent to my family and me. Once, my wife and I noticed that we had a brake light out. It was 6:00pm and we didn’t expect them to be open. The Edgewood Jiffy Lube was just closing up but the manager stopped what he was doing to change out the light bulb, after hours, free of charge!!!! So far your staff has cost you around a quart of oil and a brake light. So far your staff has gained you my business for LIFE as well as the business of EVERYONE I know that drives a car. You either hire VERY well or you are kind to your employees. Either way, good job!!! It’s nice to see hard working, customer service driven employees that obviously enjoy their jobs in this economy. Please continue doing what you do and I will keep convincing all those I see to enjoy your services.


12807 4th Ave W
Everett, WA 98204-6340
(425) 347-1503

I went to the Everett Jiffy lube on 128th and got the best service from Jeremy and Bryan I have ever had at a Jiffy lube. I told them I was in a hurry and not only did they take care of my car in record time they were really nice about my limited time. I have been to other locations and have not been treated with nearly the same respect! So thank you Jeremy and Bryan for helping me out!

Your Customer,

TUMWATER, WA 98501-4415
(360) 943-2752

I took my car in to Jiffy Lube on Capital Way in Tumwater/Olympia on August 25. It made a loud squeal when I started it twice that day. I had taken my car to Jiffy Lube in June and Thomas did my oil change. I also asked him a couple of other things about my car. He seemed very knowledgeable about cars, gave me his opinion and did NOT try to push me into having something unnecessary done. I respected him for this. I felt I could trust what his opinion was. I requested for him to be the person to look at my car on the 25th because I felt he would be honest and that my safety would be important and if he told me I needed something fixed on my car it really did need to be fixed. He looked at my car and a belt just needed to be tightened, he tightened the belt and did not try to talk me into anything. My car has not made this sound again since then. I feel like I can trust him to know what the problem is and he will fix it. I feel like I don’t have to worry about my car anymore, that if something is wrong I can bring it to Jiffy Lube and have Thomas look at it. I am a single woman and this means a lot to me.

Thanks to Thomas and Jiffy Lube,

TUMWATER, WA 98501-4415
(360) 943-2752

I went into the Jiffy Lube in Tumwater, WA this morning because I knew there was something wrong with my car. It just wasn’t running right. Thomas, Steve and Mike did such a great job on my car! I went in and Thomas alerted me that I had 3 services due on my car. I needed a new fuel filter, radiator and transmission service, as well as an oil change. They were very friendly, fast and efficient. I am very satisfied with the work they did. I will definitely be going back to them every time I need an oil change, radiator flush, etc.

Thank you sooo much!$0 $0You guys are great!

OLYMPIA, WA 98502-1117
(360) 943-4058

I took my car into Jiffy Lube yesterday and was met with friendliness and FANTASTIC service! I felt VERY taken care of, so much so that I had to write this compliment (I never take the time to do these things!) Thomas, Anthony (Ernest), and Jeremy treated me with respect (didn’t talk down to me like most men at garages do to women, didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need), listened to what I wanted, offered options, suggested the best and then sold me what I wanted. They offered me coffee (even though I don’t drink it), and an air-conditioned room while I waited. My little boy had fallen asleep in the car, so they carried his car seat into the shop for me so he could continue to sleep while they worked on my car. Really these GENTLEMEN really know what SERVICE is!

Fantastic job guys! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!

DUPONT, WA 98327-7735
(253) 964-8893

I have gone to this location several times and every time the employees are courteous, helpful and always have a good attitude. They always make my trip there enjoyable. I’ve been to other quick Lube establishments and they treat you like they are herding cattle, but this location always make me feel welcome and are glad to have my business. The manager, Barry, always greets me in person, brings up concerns about my vehicle and advises me on what services are due and when future services will be due.


23610 Pacific Hwy S
Kent, WA 98032-2714
(206) 878-3075

I went and got my oil changed today and the service was great. They were so quick and friendly. I would go back to this Jiffy Lube again!

My car looks great too, thank you!!


13654 1st Ave S
Burien, WA 98168-3404
(206) 244-0362

I received my first service at Jiffy Lube on 1st Ave in Burien, WA and was very happy with the service. The technicians name was Jay and he was very polite and helpful during my visit. I will be back to Jiffy Lube for all my oil changes.


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